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Hello dear friend and welcome to the website of The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Yerevan.
Human life including especially business and economy, are first of all based on the cooperation. Internet has turned the World into a big family and our country is the part of it. We should keep the pace with the time, otherwise we would become outdated. Nowadays Armenian businessman needs new market opportunities to present his competitive products and also to involve foreign capital in Armenia’s economy.
Among the primary tenets of The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Yerevan are to stand next to the small and medium businesses and become their partner, supporter, trainer and representor, introduce businessmen problems to higher state institutions through a constructive dialogue, as well as be the participant of the economic legislation reforms. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Yerevan as the most important institution of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Armenia seeks to accomplish these issues within the power and jurisdiction that is given to the Chamber.

We extremely appreciate your opinion, so let’s cooperate together for the strengthening of our state system and for our prosperity.

Andranik Alexanyan

President of chamber of commerce and industry of Yerevan