About Us

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Yerevan was founded in 2002. Being a non-profit and non-commercial organization, CCI of Yerevan represents the interests of small, medium and large enterprises engaged in business activity from all business areas, including: industry, local and foreign trade, agriculture and etc.

General Information

The CCI of Yerevan is a platform which solves the problems of business community, runs a dialogue with the state, and offers conditions for integrating the global business economy. CCI of Yerevan is a place that brings people together, by holding a sincere and constructive dialogue. At this point CCI of Yerevan works with a variety of organizational-legal enterprises. ASSR Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) is an organization which supports the development of trading, economic and scientific-technical relations with foreign countries. It was established in 1960 (until 1972, it was called the Armenian Republican Chamber of Commerce). The highest governing body was the Congress (first in 1961), the executive body was the presidency. Together with Foreign Trade Ministry, the State Committee for Science and Technology, ministries, agencies and industrial enterprises, the ASSR was selecting machinery, equipments and other national consumer goods to send to international exhibitions and fairs. ASSR was organizing international exhibitions for different foreign firms. The Chamber supported the licensing of foreign inventions and industrial patterns, as well as the registration of Armenian enterprises’ brands abroad and performed products testing.There were sections for maintaining the industry property and quality adjacent to the Chamber. In 1986 there were 118 members of industrial enterprises, 27 offices, 41 commercial and 6 construction companies to the USSR CCI.